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FreedomVoice Announces New Affiliate Program

FreedomVoice today announced the launch of a new affiliate program. The program offers affiliates the opportunity to sell three popular FreedomVoice products: FreedomVoice Virtual Office, a leading virtual phone system service, FaxFreedom, an intuitive Internet faxing service, and AdTrakker, a sought-after real estate call capture system.

The Newton Group ESA Integrates 90 Remote Employees

FreedomVoice has announced The Newton Group ESA, a well known and reputable telemarketing business, has successfully adopted the FreedomIQ® Hosted VoIP PBX. In doing so, the Newton Group ESA has integrated 90 remote employees into one seamless communications system.

AdTrakkerSM Vital to Real Estate

FreedomVoice, creators of the AdTrakker‚Ą† IVR call capture lead generation system, have announced that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology has been recognized as the most important lead generation system for real estate agents, behind referrals. The data has been confirmed in a report by Baylor University.

FreedomVoice Announces Business Tip Contest

FreedomVoice has announced the launch of a nationwide contest to find the most valuable small business tip. FreedomVoice will be holding the small business tip contest on the new FreedomVoice Blog.

FreedomVoice Launches All New FreedomVoice.com

FreedomVoice has announced the launch of the all new www.freedomvoice.com. The website will teach small business owners how to enhance their image, better manage their business, and cut communication costs.

FreedomVoice Goes to Hawaii to Celebrate Achieving Goal

FreedomVoice, a leading provider of virtual office tools and hosted VoIP service, today announced plans to take the entire company to Hawaii. FreedomVoice is funding the trip to reward employees for hitting a significant companywide benchmark.

2008 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

FreedomVoice has announced that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) has named the FreedomIQ® Hosted VoIP PBX as a recipient of the prestigious 2008 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

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