AdTrakker Proven Vital to Real Estate Success

FreedomVoice has a product for real estate agents called AdTrakker, and this thing is helping agents sell faster than ever before. This information was confirmed recently in a report by Baylor University, which basically said that the AdTrakker IVR call capture lead generation technology has been recognized as the most important lead generation system for real estate agents, behind referrals. You can read a press release on the report here.

But it wasn’t just the report that got us excited. We’ve also had some very positive customer feedback recently. Take a look at what Bruce E. Garber, Broker and Owner at CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc., had to say about AdTrakker.

AdTrakker has been critical to my company. I saw the slowdown in our market occur before everyone else even knew what was going on by monitoring the call volume. I am now watching it pick back up again by monitoring AdTrakker calls.

We now only advertise if we can measure the results. AdTrakker has allowed me to evaluate all advertising activities and make wise advertising decisions.

Monitoring our AdTrakker calls is like watching life happen. We see sellers calling our 888 number getting the real estate itch long before they would ever admit it to an agent. Phone number identification allows us to not only know who calls but the price range of the neighborhood they are calling from so we start thinking about the sale of the home they are calling on as well as the home they need to sell early on in the process.

AdTrakker has helped me as a broker prove to agents that not all advertising is effective – it has made the “ego” ads go away, they made the agent feel good but they did not generate business.  Before AdTrakker I had no concrete evidence.

My agents pay their own monthly mailbox cost and they think it is a good value and never complain about the monthly bill.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why more brokers don’t implement AdTrakker. AdTrakker gives you the science you need to make good business decisions.

Call your agents cell phone off the yard signs on Saturday morning, you will really think about AdTrakker then. I know who calls our company, what time they call, and I monitor agents to make sure we are following up on all calls.

Bruce E. Garber
Broker / Owner
CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc.

FreedomVoice is proud that AdTrakker is proving to be such a valuable asset to real estate agents. If this product interests you, take a moment to read more about it in our recent press release or feel free to visit the AdTrakker website and try the service for yourself risk-free for 15 days.

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