Apple and Google Get Confusing


The last couple weeks have been very busy for two of the most successful tech companies in the world. It began with Google dropping the Android Market in favor of something called the “Google Play Store” without warning, and then Apple announcing the new iPad … known only as iPad.


iPad 3? iPad HD? iPad 2s? Nope, the new iPad is known as simply “iPad.” We know Apple is famous for there minimalistic design choices that lead to aesthetically beautiful products, but we think maybe the naming of the latest iPad could have used a little more complexity. Some sort of modifier would be wonderful. Let the “who’s on first jokes” come on down!

Johnny: Wow, that screen looks great! Is that the iPad 3?

Tommy: No, it’s the iPad.

Johnny: No way. Isn’t that thing 3 years old? I could get one for cheap on eBay.

Tommy: No you’re thinking of the iPad, this is the iPad.

Johnny: I hate you.

The new product features a camera upgrade, a more powerful quad-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity and a “retina” display with 2048 x 1536 resolution. It will certainly have enough under the hood to work as a mobile softphone.


Not to be outdone, Google did away with the Android Market, re-branding it as the “Google Play Store.” A move designed to help the struggling movie, music, and book services that have not blossomed like Google had hoped, and to let people know the market can be used on non-Android devices as well. There was no big announcement or anticipation to the change, it just kind of happened. Leaving some users (especially my mother) confused.

If you’re keeping track at home, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft ( in Windows 8 ) and Google now all have one stop digital shops where users can purchase apps, movies, music, and books. Will there be one to rule them all?

Google continued with its rebranding and announced a new +1 button. The new button is designed off of the Google+ logo design. Like the Android Market, Google has attached a disappointing product with potential (Google+) to one that has been more widely adopted (+1 button).

While Apple and Google may be confusing users today, there products are dominating the tablet market. How are you using tablets for your business?

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