Call Forwarding

Take forwarded calls anywhere.

Follow-Me-Live & ACD

When callers dial your toll free number, they’re welcomed by your virtual phone system’s auto attendant, a recording that introduces your business and directs callers to dial one of your extensions to reach their desired party. When callers choose an extension, you can have your call forwarding feature deliver these calls live to one or more phone numbers. Whether you or your staff is at home, in the office, or on the road, your virtual phone system can run through their forwarding numbers to make the connection.

If we can’t reach anyone at these forwarding numbers, the caller will be sent to voicemail to leave you a message. If you’d rather callers wait for the next available representative, you can always set up a call queue. This feature can be added to your virtual phone system for just $10 a month and will keep callers looping through your call forwarding numbers while listening to hold music until either their call is answered or a preset amount of time passes, in which case they’ll be sent on to voicemail.

You can update your call forwarding settings for each extension online at any time through WebLINK, including enabling more advanced features like specific days and times for forwarding or creating an automated call distribution (ACD). ACD lets you set up a ring group, such as your Sales or Technical Support team, then choose how you want calls to be delivered to this group, such as a round-robin call rotation or simultaneously ringing all forwarding numbers.

Automated Call Distribution

Upgrading Your Hold Music

When callers are waiting on hold, whether during call forwarding, while in a call queue, or when placed on hold during a live call, they hear your system-default hold music. You can improve this hold music for just $5 a month with our Random Hold Music shuffle, which allows you to choose from four hold music libraries. (samples below)

Easy Listening




System-Default Hold Music

You can change your hold music library selection at any time online through WebLink. Alternatively, you can add Personalized Hold Music to your service also for $5 a month. This feature allows you to upload your own custom recordings, as long as they are not copyrighted works or you have license to use such works. Your hold music doesn’t even need to be music – it can be any message you want to pass on to your callers while they wait. Many businesses choose to use this feature to remind callers about new or seasonal promotions, events, or special offers. Used properly, this can be an effective way to prime a caller’s interest before connecting them live with a representative.

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