Testimonials about Virtual Office


What our customers have to say.

Easy to Use

“Your service is outstanding. The no up-front setup fees is what reeled me in. I’ve already referred an associate to your website to get a toll free number for themselves. Even though I am not a novice at this, you’ve made everything so easy to use that it sure does save me time. Thank you.”

Bryan Kruchten
Internet Design & Consulting

Friendly Support

“I started using FreedomVoice Virtual Office in 2003, and I’ve been so impressed and confident in the service that I have and will continue to recommend the service to anybody. We had a custom system built for us, and working with your programmers and technical support has been a great and friendly experience every step of the way. Thank you very, very much.”

Troy Barnum, COO
InstallPro, Inc.

Save Time

“Your service is more reliable and cost effective than a dedicated receptionist. The advanced features makes sure only my clients get through and unwanted phone calls don’t. I couldn’t be happier about the time I save with my FreedomVoice Virtual Office.”

Jim Selman
Selman Law Firm

Stay Connected

“I’ve spent a gazillion dollars on marketing systems, advertisements – you name it. But my 800 number with FreedomVoice has literally DOUBLED my business since I got it. Staying connected with my customers and associates has made a massive positive change in a short time. Keep up the good work!”

Kevin Sullivan

Count on Us

“Of over $24 million in revenue my business brought in last year, more than half was through customers calling my FreedomVoice toll free number. Put simply, it works.”

Brian R. Hutchison

No Hassles

“You’re the second toll free number service I’ve tried, and I wish I’d come to you first. After all of the hassles from my last provider, I was starting to think a toll free number wasn’t right for me. I really appreciate how easy you’ve made it to get set up. Thank you so much for proving that some companies still make it a point to live up to their promises.”

Di Dial

Great Service

“Everyone says it, but you guys really do have great customer service.”

Mia L.

Response Time

“When I need to change something or have a question, I know I can just shoot in an email and get a quality response within minutes. You just don’t get that level of service anywhere else.”

Steve D.

Does Everything

“I wish I’d found this service years ago. FreedomVoice does everything that every phone system we’ve tried up until now could do, only faster, smarter, and much, much less expensive. Better late than never, I guess. Thank you!”

Jon H.

Competitive Advantage

“I’ve been using your service for a long time and thought you should know that I love it. The flexibility and powerful features have given me a competitive advantage in my market and helped me handle the large call volume I get through my websites. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if my toll free number went down. Thankfully, that’s not something I’ll ever have to worry about with FreedomVoice.”

Mark Varnas


“Your service is amazing and has helped my small business out tremendously. Other services are out there but they do not match your offering.”

Keith McGee
Founder/CEO, Sustainable Energy Advisors

Easy to Set-up

“It was easy to set-up and establish the 800 service. The downloaded manual was well laid out, easy to use and concise. I will definitely recommend your service to other individuals”

Denise Meehan

Right Decision

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the support I have received from FreedomVoice. I sent two emails to your staff with questions about my new service. Both times I received a response within a minute or two that completely answered my questions. How great is that? I can already feel I made the right decision in choosing FreedomVoice.”

Jackie Hixon
JRD Real Estate Solutions


“I’m very, very impressed with your service. I’ve been wondering if I was going to experience the ‘small print monster’ so often encountered with other service providers – but I haven’t. No surprise charges, everything simply works as advertised. Thank you for your straightforward approach.”

Rev. David Wisniewski

In a Word: Fun!

“You guys are absolutely great! You give such personal service. Not only personal, but fun – very fun to work with! I’ve never met a group of guys and gals in business like you. Thank you for going above and beyond to get to know your customers and helping others to improve our businesses.”

David Kent

Grow Your Business

“Our FreedomVoice Virtual Office and toll free number has allows us to reach customers and expand into markets that normally are dominated by huge insurance firms. FreedomVoice has helped us grow almost overnight into several offices. You have a very easy-to-use, reliable service and can use us as a reference to anyone.”

Wiley LeBrun, Jr., President
Universal Risk Insurance Services, Inc

Can’t Live Without

“We’ve been using your service for our company (15 people) for the past year, and it has been great. Being able to forward calls to any phone, even a cell phone, is something I don’t think we could live without. We get the image of being a unified professional office but the freedom to move around town as we need. I would recommend your service to anyone.”

Scott D. Levine
Levine Law, LLC

WebLINK Gets Its Due

“I just wanted to thank whoever at FreedomVoice is responsible for designing the WebLINK Internet Control Panel. I’m still getting the hang of some of the more advanced features, but so far it has made my job so much easier and my business so much more effective.”

Marcus Gill


“I’ve been amazed with your toll free service. You’ve helped me run my business more efficiently and profitably than ever before!”

Ken Miller


“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me learn to use the service. The instructions you gave made something I never thought I’d get suddenly all make sense. Thanks for being patient and truly caring about your customers.”

Kathleen A.

Good Business

“The most important thing about our FreedomVoice Virtual Office is that our customers love it. You make it easy for us so we can make it easy for them. That’s just good business, and I’m glad I chose FreedomVoice.”

Chris S.

Works Anywhere

“In case you didn’t already know, I wanted to let you know how great your service is. We love the fact that we can work anywhere in the world and still get calls and manage our voicemail. It's pretty cool checking voicemail messages in Europe just by going into an Internet café! Best of all, we know that as we grow, we'll be able to grow our system through you.”

Stephanie D.

In Summary

“This. Works. Beautifully.”

Nan and Roland F.

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