Three ‘Must-haves’ for a Successful Virtual Office

800 Numbers Home Based Business

Seeking the wide array of benefits it can offer (savings on office space, improved work-life balance, and reduced IT maintenance expenses, among many others), SMB managers are working to build virtual offices to supplement or altogether replace their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Enabling remote employees to work from home (which research shows increases productivity) and omitting needless in-office meetings are two other reasons why 62 percent of small businesses now allow employees to work remotely at least some of the time.
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How a Local Phone Number Helps You Build Trust with Customers


If you work in or manage a business in a service-based industry, you are more than aware that building trust with customers is paramount to your financial success. In fact, some business leaders have even gone so far as to say that trust is actually the new business currency and something that should be monitored and reviewed regularly by companies.
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How the Right Phone System Can Make a Small Business Look Big

Mother's Day Call 2012

As the owner of a small business, projecting the image of your company as a top player in your field, despite having limited resources, is something you’ve probably contemplated quite a bit. Specifically, you may have given thought to what communications system would best support your customers. After all, you want them feeling like they are dealing with a major corporation, even if you employ only a handful of people.
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Help Support the Oklahoma Relief Effort


We wanted to share with you the efforts of one of our partners, WEBIT Services, Inc., who has made its office in Aurora, IL, a drop-off point for supply donations to help families affected by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. We ask that if you are able and in the Chicago area to please give what you can. They will be accepting donations until 5 PM on Friday, June 7th. (Address and list of items requested in the letter below)

For those not in the area, there has been a donation website set up where you can contribute at
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Will Windows 8.1 be Enough for Business Users?

Windows 8.1

It’s been more than 9 months since the release of Windows 8, and consumers as well as businesses have been resistant to make the switch. For consumers, there has been an overwhelming move towards tablets and away from traditional PCs which no OS could have prevented. For businesses, despite increased speed and security, Windows 7 is still relatively new, working fine for mosts needs, and doesn’t require training for employees to use.
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Memorial Day – More than a Day Off


Memorial Day is on Monday. Many see it as the unofficial start to summer, a great time to take a long weekend vacation, or just a great time to relax and enjoy a barbecue. I’m not suggesting you don’t do any or even all of those things, but I do hope you take some time on your day off to reflect on the reason why you’re able to spend an extra day with your family instead of at the office.
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How to Stay Calm When Things Go Wrong

Red button - Panic

Yesterday, I was an organizer for one of our weekly webinars for our FreedomIQ Cloud Phone System partners. We hold these regular sessions to help ensure our partners are able to support their customers in the best way possible. Putting on a live show can be nerve-wracking; few people love public speaking (count me as one of them), but I’ve gotten used to it over the last 100 webinars or so. I’ve always been a firm believer in getting outside your comfort zone and trying something new both personally and professionally, and I think experiencing the unexpected is what keeps you calm when things go wrong. After all, no one ever did anything great by sticking with what’s familiar.

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Connect With Employees Outside of the Office

Want to boost productivity? Duh. One of the best ways to notice a difference is by making sure your employees are happy. This doesn’t mean you need to turn into Oprah and put new car keys under everyone’s chair; there are far more reasonable ways to make sure everyone feels like they’re part of the team. It starts with simply treating everyone with respect – you don’t want your office turning into a junior high cafeteria.
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The New WebLink Has Arrived!

It’s here!  New-and-improved WebLink v4.0 will be launched on March 28!
As of March 28, 2013, when you log into WebLink, you will be taken to our upgraded version 4.0 with all-new-features and enhancements. To help you transition for this change, we are hosting training webinars to go over what’s new. Watch our most recent training webinar below:
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Customer Success Story: Debbie Quain

Today we’re happy to shine the spotlight on Debbie Quain, creator of,, and Debbie has been  a FreedomVoice virtual phone system customer since 2001 when she was just starting out in the wedding planning industry. Over the years, FreedomVoice has been right there with her as she took her businesses to the next level. Over the last ten years, Debbie went from having a new startup that no one had ever heard of to an industry expert with her own radio show where she shares her knowledge with an international audience of up-and-coming wedding planner entrepreneurs.
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