7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Facebook Fan Page


If you’re a FreedomVoice customer, you may have noticed FreedomVoice has liked your fan page and started following you on Twitter. We want to know more about our customers and their businesses so that we can better connect online. However, we’ve noticed a lot of small businesses don’t have a Facebook fan page but are instead using personal profiles for business connections.

We think having a personal profile is great; there’s no better way to stay connected to family and friends online. For a business though, a fan page has tremendous benefits:

1. Separation of Work and Play: Does your business site link to your personal profile? Be careful, prospective clients probably aren’t interested in seeing photos from last Friday’s happy hour or your old college buddies trash talking about the big game. A fan page can separate your professional and personal lives while protecting each.

2. Landing Page: When a new user visits your profile for the first time, odds are they are landing on your wall. This isn’t the best place to go for someone unfamiliar with who you are and your product. A custom landing page gives you the freedom to introduce your business in any way you want. Get creative with it!

3. Vanity URL Rule Change: Recently Facebook changed their rule about fan pages needing to have a minimum of 25 fans before registering a custom URL. If this was holding you back before, know that you are now free to pursue your snazzy custom Facebook address. This is especially important for your printed marketing materials. Connect with us on Facebook at Facebook.com/FreedomVoiceSystems is a heck of a lot more professional and easier to remember than Facebook.com/page/p23jlajsf8j3.

4. Facebook Insights: How many people are looking at your personal profile? How many times does each one of your updates get viewed? Are you progressing or regressing? Without analytics, there’s no way to measure your Facebook presence. With the Facebook Insights for pages, you can see how many and when people are viewing and interacting with your posts. This is great for discovering what types of content your fans prefer. Maybe you personally feel that kitten pictures are adorable, but your fans can’t stand them. With a fan page, you’ll know.

5. Custom Analytics: The basic Facebook Insights are great for a start, but you can take it to another level by authorizing a third party program like Crowdbooster that gives more detailed data as well as suggestions on when to post your next update based on when your fans are the most active. Maybe you’re on the West Coast but a lot of your fans are on the East Coast. Waking up early or scheduling a post while you’re still sleeping could land bigger results.

6. Contests and Promotions: If you want to do a contest or promotion on Facebook, you have to do it on a Fan Page through the use of a third party app (Facebook Promotions Guidelines). A promotion can be a great way to engage current fans and woo people who are on the fence. Looking for a promotion idea? Here are a few good examples: Facebook Promos.

7. Get Liked and Like Others: Do you work with other businesses? Your company page can like other brands and even tag them in posts expanding your message to new people.

We want to hear how your business is doing and what we can do to make it better. Find us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest company updates and industry news, small business tips, the latest in technology and social media, and connections with other FreedomVoice customers.

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