800 Numbers Are So Hot in 2012

Toll Free Numbers are So Hot

Charlie Sheen’s meltdown and America’s subsequent obsession with the former fake Cleveland Indians pitcher was one of the biggest stories in pop culture of 2011. Needless to say, we’re ready to slam the door on 2011 like the Wild Thing did to the White Sox (¡en español!) and start predicting what will be huge in 2012.

It might seem unlikely to you now, but we’re professionals, we know what we’re talking about. 800 numbers and toll free numbers will end up being this year’s Tickle Me Elmo. Think about it, a vanity toll free number makes a great gift for any occassion.

At the time of writing this, there were countless toll free phone numbers available that ended in “funk”. Who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, a toll free 867-5309 was not available (I would have taken it).


What does a loved one get the entrepreneur who seems to have it all figured out? The answer isn’t new slippers. Don’t be disappointed with your birthday present. Make sure when you blow out the candles, you’re getting ready to blow away your customers with a toll free number and professional auto attendant greeting.

Weddings and Anniversaries:

Time to party? An evermore popular way to accept RSVPs for your big day is to set up a lovely greeting on a toll free number (especially good if inviting guests from out of town) with two designated extensions for attending and not attending. You could get really fancy and set up extensions for dinner choices, but you probably don’t want to show off. Add voicemail transcription and you don’t even need to listen to the messages; have them sent to you as text on your mobile phone. Update your guest list without ever listening to a message!


9 months have passed since the wedding (what a wedding!), and it’s time to welcome the newest member of the family. To go along with your baby book, create a virtual phone system for friends and family to call and leave messages welcoming your newborn to the world. All of your recordings are saved as audio files that can easily be saved to your computer and put on audio CDs to cherish forever.

Upgrade Your Business:

Does your home phone line double as your business line? Many small businesses and entrepreneurs work from home and don’t feel the need to invest a lot of money in another hard line just for their business, and why should they? A FreedomVoice virtual phone system will forward your new business line calls to any phone you desire, give you the option to take the call or send directly to voicemail, and even let you know what “department” the caller is looking for (e.g. sales, technical support, billing). All this while ensuring that you keep your professional and personal calls separate.

Sweepstakes Fanaticism:

Do you have a second email address just for entering contests online? Many people do, and they expect to get nothing but spam and junk mail and maybe an occasional prize. They don’t want their personal or business email assaulted with spam. A virtual phone system could serve the same purpose for contests that require a phone number. The problem with this is you can get just as much spam in the form of  telemarketing calls. Unfortunately, spam filters haven’t made it to voicemail yet, but a virtual phone system can effectively screen calls and keep your sweepstake obsession from overwhelming your personal and business lives.

(Legal) Pranks:

If you haven’t dialed 719-266-2837 yet, do it. Now. If you pull off something similar, please let us know!

Grab an 800 number while they’re hot, and check out our available toll free numbers, vanity numbers and local numbers while you’re there.

What are some other creative (family friendly) ways to use toll free numbers?

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