Call Your Mother!

Mother's Day Call 2012

If you can, please at least call your mother on Mother’s Day. Do it! The second Sunday in May has officially been recognized in the United States as Mother’s Day since Congress approved the request by Anna Jarvis in 1914.  Even if you’re one of those people who “doesn’t believe in greeting card holidays,” take a moment and try to remember what you were like as a child. No, not the cute smiling kid you see in the photo albums, the other kid, the kid no one has talked about in years: the monster.

You know that kid sitting behind you on the plane with nothing better to do than to create a symphony for the senses of screaming, kicking and vomiting during a 3-hour flight? At some point, you were that nightmare child. Maybe it wasn’t on a plane, maybe you were screaming and crying in the grocery stores because you didn’t *gasp* get the cereal you wanted, but let’s face it, as great as kids can be, raising them is no walk in the park (terrible twos, anyone?). I’ve personally never given birth, but it doesn’t seem like the most fun experience. I think that alone is worth at least a phone call this Sunday.

If you helped someone become a mother, don’t make the mistake of thinking only the children should be honoring their mother. You better have something planned, too.

If you are a mother, make sure everyone around you knows it’s your day. Get ready for some nice phone calls and relax while everyone waits on you. It’s your day, you deserve it.

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day this year?

For more information about Mother’s Day check out this fact sheet from the US Census.

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