How Do I Know Who’s Calling Me?

Caller ID

One of our customers recently asked us on Facebook how they can tell whether a call is coming directly to their phone or being forwarded to them from their FreedomVoice service. This is a question we get a lot, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to review some of our call screening features that can help you differentiate business calls from personal calls.

WebLink, your online control panel, allows you to easily customize your different call screening features to choose how calls are presented to you upon answering. To do so, log in to WebLink, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and then under ‘Call Delivery’, click ‘Call Announcement’.

All of the different call screening options are available on any inbound forwarded call. The service will not work on direct calls to your personal line.

Call Announcement:

This is one of our most popular features on our virtual phone system. Before speaking with your customer, a preconfigured recording will notify you what extension has been dialed. This allows you to have an idea of what your customer is looking for and greet them appropriately. This is great for when one person represents multiple departments.

What the caller will hear:
Please hold while we transfer you to (recorded announcement). If you remain on hold we will try to connect you or you can press any key to leave a message.

The person receiving the call will hear:
You have a call for (recorded announcement).  Press any key to accept the call.

Call Whisper:

The auto attendant will ask the caller to say their name before being forwarded to your phone. Call Whisper actually serves two purposes. First, you get the added benefit of personalizing every call with the customer’s name. The other advantage is that you can selectively screen calls based on who is calling you. You don’t have to take late night calls just because you’re afraid it might be your most important client.

What the caller will hear:
To tell your party who’s calling, please say your name after the tone and press any key when finished. *BEEP*

The person receiving the call will hear:
You have a call from your FreedomVoice system from (caller’s name).  Press any key to accept the call.

Caller ID Announce:

Similar to Call Whisper, the auto attendant will tell you who is calling before you accept the call. The difference with Caller ID Announce is that it doesn’t ask the caller for their name; it recites their phone number instead.

The person receiving the call will hear:
You have a call from your FreedomVoice system from 222-222-2222. Press any key to accept the call.

Call Forwarding Caller ID Display:

Another option you have is to change the inbound caller ID. Sometimes you don’t even want to be bothered by one of the call screening methods. By changing the caller ID, you know before answering whether the call is business-related or personal.

The inbound caller ID is set by default to be the caller ID of the person calling you. However, this can easily be changed in WebLink by clicking on the ‘Settings’ tab and then ‘Mailbox Defaults’. You will then have the option to change the call forwarding caller ID to the number the caller dialed instead.

How do you have your system configured?

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