Improving Your Small Business Website: Landing Pages


A landing page is a specialized webpage that appears when a potential customer clicks on your online ads or a search-engine result link to visit your website. The page ideally displays content that is a logical extension of the ad or link by using specific keywords, phrases, and images that match the visitor’s expectations.

Properly executed, landing pages can be highly effective at improving your website’s conversion rate, or ability to turn clicks into new business. When given the chance, I recommend consulting with a good copywriter and designer for maximum benefit.

Here are the four basic elements you should look to include when building your own landing pages…

1. Attention-Grabbing Headlines
The headline is the first thing your visitors will see on your landing page and it sets up the page for the rest of your message. Headlines should be strong, descriptive, and align with the language found on the ad or link your visitors clicked to reach your website.

2. A Strong Call to Action
The call to action should be in an obvious place and be easy to find. It should be larger than other buttons as well as a brighter color to stand out. Button copy is also important, and should tell the visitor what they should expect to happen when they click the button.

3. Captivating Copy
Your body copy should be clear, to the point, and support the landing page’s call to action while summarizing key points with bullets. Credible testimonials can also be a great trust-builder that can get visitors to take action.

4. Overall Flow of Design
The design of your landing page should have a clean layout, appropriate stacking order of information, and plenty of whitespace. The page’s focus needs to be on getting your visitor to take action. Your graphics, images, video, etc., should be used to emphasize important elements. All unnecessary distractions should be removed. Keep it simple!

Taking the Next Step
The four key elements above just scratch the surface of landing page design and optimization, but I consider them good blocks to build on when you’re just getting started. For a more in depth reference, I recommend  grabbing your copy of this amazing book on Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash. The information and tips found in this book will help you take your landing pages to the next level.

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