#NewNewTwitter and Your Small Business


If you are on Twitter, you have probably seen the trending topic #NewNewTwitter the last few days. Twitter has started unveiling their second redesign of the website this year. We’ve talked about the tremendous importance of a Facebook Page and a Google+ Page for your business, but now Twitter is getting in the mix with a new redesign that includes special brand pages. Before this update, company Twitter accounts had the same layout as personal accounts, which didn’t help the confusion users had with the existence of so many false identities.

To get early access to the #NewNewTwitter, you have to simply download the official Twitter app from either the Apple Appstore or Android Market and log in with your account. When we tried, the website only needed a few hours to update our experience to #NewNewTwitter. The rollout of brand pages is starting slowly with only about 20 companies getting the treatment to start. Not surprisingly, these are hugely recognizable brands that have already put a lot of money into advertising on Twitter.

From their pages, we can see the layout that will be coming to the rest of us soon. The most intriguing is the use of the “promoted tweet” on each page. In the past promoted Tweets were paid advertisements. Now, each branded page will have its own promoted tweet that will be the first tweet a user sees when looking at your profile.

Why is this good?

Twitter is a great way for you to communicate with your customers and reach out to make new connections. Sometimes, however, a new user might discover your profile while you are in the middle of a conversation. It’s difficult to understand the protagonist when you start reading the book halfway through. The promoted tweets can be used as either an introduction to your brand or a call to action.

Other updates:

Multimedia is finding its home on Twitter. It’s no secret that photos and videos are shared more often than text and links, so now Twitter has made watching many video formats and photos hosted from more sites than ever viewable from within the Twitter interface, without being redirected to another website.

A new feature in the “Discover” tab is a section called “Stories.” Here, users will find stories based on their interests, location and connections. This means even if someone is not following your business, they may still see your tweets if you are talking about something they may find interesting. Stories will make using hashtags even more important.


The redesign should help your business get your main message across to your audience more efficiently, but we still recommend using an application to manage your account. Applications like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Hootsuite (our favorite) have both free and premium services which enable you to more efficiently manage and monitor multiple social networks at once.

How do you monitor your brand online?

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