How to Create a Professional Home Office


With more people working from home, it’s important to make sure your home office can be a distraction-free place for organized and efficient work.

So before you pull out the measuring tape and hammer, here are a few questions to help you create a killer home workspace:

What type of space do you need?

Make a list of everything you’ll need to do for your job. If you will have a lot of paperwork or other tasks that demand extra space, take note of it.

Will you be taking care of a child during work hours?

Your children are more important than your work, but that doesn’t mean they should be interrupting your workflow. Create a fun and safe environment for them that you can monitor while you work.

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5 Tips for Hiring Someone You Won’t Have to Fire


Are you overwhelmed with your workload? It may be time to hire some help.

The smaller your business, the more important it is to hire the right person on your first attempt. Making the wrong hire, especially in a small business, will cost your company a lot of time and money. These tips will prevent you from making some common mistakes and land the perfect candidate to help your business grow on the first try.

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7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Facebook Fan Page


If you’re a FreedomVoice customer, you may have noticed FreedomVoice has liked your fan page and started following you on Twitter. We want to know more about our customers and their businesses so that we can better connect online. However, we’ve noticed a lot of small businesses don’t have a Facebook fan page but are instead using personal profiles for business connections.

We think having a personal profile is great; there’s no better way to stay connected to family and friends online. For a business though, a fan page has tremendous benefits:

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How to Set Up a Softphone on Your iOS Device


This post is intended for FreedomVoice customers using our FreedomIQ hosted VoIP phone system. Not a FreedomIQ customer? Check out how upgrading to our hosted VoIP platform can help your business at

By downloading the Bria app from Apple’s App Store, you can take your VoIP phone system on the go with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Just follow these steps!

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Could Your Employees Benefit From a Better Work-Life Balance?


Once again the topic of work-life balance has been in the news. Recently, a federal judge in New York ruled in the Bloomberg discrimination case that, “The law does not mandate work-life balance,” nor does it, “require companies to ignore and stop valuing ultimate dedication, however unhealthy that may be for family life.” So there you have it, businesses don’t have to value work-life balance for their employees. But just because you don’t have to do something, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway.

More people than ever before are finding it difficult to maintain a happy medium in managing their work and personal lives. One answer to this problem has been a steady increase in employers allowing their workers to get tasks done outside of a traditional office space. Whether you know it as telecommuting, teleworking, or workshifting, this practice can have a tremendously positive impact on employee happiness… and your profits.

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FreedomVoice Shines in the Dark


FreedomVoice Solid Redundant Infrastructure Survives Entire Southwest United States and Northern Mexico Blackout with Zero Downtime.

Yesterday at about 3:30 p.m., the FreedomVoice offices in Encinitas, CA went dark. No lights, no computer, no internet access and no panic. While other businesses in the area were scrambling to get services back, we remained calm and collected, confident that our customers outside the blackout zone would be unaffected.

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Top 5 Twitter Blunders of 2011 (So Far)

new-twitter-logo copy

Too human?

One of the biggest trends in social media is for companies to “be human.” Meaning businesses should show a softer, compassionate and even humorous side of themselves to better engage with their audience. For the most part, businesses are getting much better at showing a personality. However, our list of the top 5 Twitter blunders of 2011(so far) display both simple mistakes and errors of judgment which made the audience question the author’s personality altogether. Without further ado, our top Twitter blunders thus far in 2011 in chronological order:

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FreedomVoice Channel Manager Recognized as Top 15 in the Country

Congratulations, Bob!

For the second consecutive year, FreedomVoice’s own Southwestern Regional Channel Manager, Bob Harrison has been awarded as a Top 15 Channel Manager by Channel Partners Magazine. The award was voted on by nearly 1000 readers, who nominated and then voted for their favorite telecom professional.

“It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers,” said Bob of his award. “It’s pretty cool to be in the top 15.”

We are very proud to have Bob as a member of the FreedomVoice family. We strive to only hire the best channel managers in the industry to support our local dealers – who in turn help us support our customers.

Bob’s relentless work ethic and infectious passion for delivering excellent service is an inspiration to us all.

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Referral Promotion Winner Announced: Who’s Going to Hawaii?


And the winner is…

At FreedomVoice, we continuously reward our customers for referrals through our Refer-A-Friend program. Normally we reward our customers with a free month of service for each friend they refer. Recently, however, we upped the stakes by rewarding one lucky referrer with a free 5-day trip to Hawaii for two, including accommodations and airfare at the amazing Hilton Waikoloa Village.

Many happy customers were referred, and we’re pleased to announce the winner of our contest today:

Lauren Perreault of Fabulous South Bay!

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5 Memorable Moments from Films Featuring Phones

Some of the best moments from popular movies in recent decades are scenes that revolve around a phone or a particularly important phone call. It’s not hard to see why: phone conversations are a window into otherwise private communication, full of secrets, threats, jokes, confessions, and more. Even the phones themselves can represent authority, power, or vulnerability.

Ranging from odd to funny to scary, here are a handful of our favorites from decades past …

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