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Toll Free Numbers Get Your Phones to Ring

When it comes to advertising success, the age-old question is, “how are you going to get the phones to ring?” You’ve formulated your message like a scientist in a lab. You’ve built your website. You’re on Twitter, Facebook, and every other conceivable social media site. You’ve gathered email contacts and taken a crack at a [...]

Toll Free Number Tricks: Question & Answer Voicemail

Toll Free Number Tricks: Question & Answer Voicemail

With a toll free number and virtual phone system from FreedomVoice, your voicemail service goes well beyond just taking messages on missed calls. One of our most popular voicemail features is the ability to set up automated question and answer voicemail boxes. These voicemail boxes prompt callers with a series of your pre-recorded questions, then [...]

Toll Free Numbers and Virtual Phone Systems

The title of this blog is toll free numbers and virtual phone systems, that’s all. Why you may be wondering. Well, it’s simply because that is what we do! Our core products is the FreedomVoice virtual phone system. Basically, it’s a virtual emulation of all the features of a traditional PBX, without the expense and [...]

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