How Do You Get to Work?

Bike to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day, and if you have to commute (*cough* telecommute *cough*), biking is a healthy and economical way to get to work. However, biking isn’t for everyone, so we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular ways to get to work.

1. Telecommuting

Pros: Telecommuting is cheap. Work from home and knock the commute out entirely. Use the time you would have spent in the car by getting a headstart on your work, exercising, or getting some needed extra sleep. Telecommuting also lets you work comfortably; you can go about your whole day in your Spiderman pajamas and no one would ever know! If you have a virtual phone system, you can have your calls forwarded to your home or cell phone and not miss a beat. Similarly, if you have a hosted VoIP PBX, you can bring your phone home, plug it in to your existing Internet connection and be ready for the day – or you can have your calls forwarded to another number.

Cons: If you work from home, no one will get to see your Spiderman pajamas.

2. Driving

Pros: It’s convenient. If you have a car, you can leave for work on your own terms. Driving also gives you some personal time in the car to get focused on the day ahead; use that time to think about your goals for the day or just jam out to your favorite tunes!

Cons: Gas prices stink. It’s never fun thinking about how much of your paycheck is spent paying for getting to and from work. You probably wish that number was lower. Also, more and more people are becoming more concerned with the size of their carbon footprint, and driving to work everyday isn’t going to shrink it. Not to mention all those driving miles really add up and take a toll on your car.

3. Carpooling

Pros: Less expensive than just driving, carpooling will split the cost of commuting with everyone you commute with. Another big advantage is the use of the carpool lane. Not all states have carpool lanes, but for those who have the option, it’s the highway’s version of a VIP room.

Cons: It’s junior high all over again. No one wants to be the kid that gets picked up by the bus first, and not everyone in your car pool is going to be a morning person.

4. Active (Biking, Walking, Jogging)

Pros: Kill two birds with one stone (Note: we’ve didn’t kill a bird for this post, let alone two). A guaranteed workout everyday is great for your health, and getting off the roads is great for the environment.

Cons: You might be really sweaty and/or stinky especially if you live far away. Explaining to the IT guy that you need a new keyboard because you sweat too much is a weird conversation that you don’t want to have.

5. Public transportation

Pros: Public transportation is usually more affordable than driving yourself, and you get the added benefit of knowing you’ve taken one more car off the road.

Cons: You don’t get to determine when you leave for work. If the only time it stops by your workplace is an hour before work starts, you have to deal with it. And, depending on where you live, public transportation can be excellent or a total nightmare.

How do you get to work? Have you tried telecommuting?

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