Alabama Gets Toll Free Number for the 2010 Census

Toll Free Number for Alabama Census

The Census Bureau has been heavily promoting this year’s 2010 Census, securing ads in the Super Bowl and combatting both “Big Brother” fears and general apathy by trying to get across that the census is easy to complete and a necessity for local governments to get accurate funding.

But recently, some counties in Alabama have begun reporting their residents aren’t receiving their census forms and are worried about losing out on funding. So what does the Census Bureau turn to in their time of need to reach out to residents and collect their information? Why, a toll free number, of course.

To help preserve the accuracy of the census and facilitate easier response, the Census Bureau has released a toll free number that Alabama residents can call to request a census form or even compete the 10-response questionnaire with a representative over the phone.

The toll free number is 1-866-872-6868.

For additional contact toll free numbers, including those for other languages, visit the Census Bureau’s contact page here:

Roll Tide!

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