Toll Free Numbers Get Your Phones to Ring

Toll Free Numbers Get Your Phones Ringing

When it comes to advertising success, the age-old question is, “how are you going to get the phones to ring?

You’ve formulated your message like a scientist in a lab. You’ve built your website. You’re on Twitter, Facebook, and every other conceivable social media site. You’ve gathered email contacts and taken a crack at a newsletter. You’ve even lovingly-crafted business cards, fliers, postcards, brochures – the works. And still, nobody’s calling.

Don’t worry, the solution may be as simple as upgrading the phone number you’re asking them to call. Today we look at the attractive and inviting features of a toll free number that can help you get your phones to ring.

1. Lure Them In with a Professional Appearance

A toll free number immediately tells your audience that you are an established business, putting you in the same category as your larger competitors that use toll free numbers. A local number, by contrast, is indistinguishable from your cell phone number. While this might seem more personal, it can make you appear small and unreliable. Help callers understand that you’re a true professional by swapping out your contact numbers on business cards, your website, etc., with a strong toll free number.

2. Stick to Their Brains with Memorable Number

All the advertising in the world won’t get your phones ringing unless your audience can remember your phone number. This makes getting a memorable toll free number a critical part of your marketing effort. The simplest choice is getting an 800 number so that customers don’t accidentally misdial the toll free prefix. But the best way to lock in a memorable number is to pick up a vanity toll free number that has repeating digits or spells out a word that describes your business, like “8**-234-BIKE” for a bicycle repair shop.

3. Don’t Make Them Think About Long Distance

When a potential customer comes across your ads, you run the unnecessary risk of losing their business if the contact number is long distance from their landline. Asking a caller to be nickel-and-dime’d by their phone company just to try to reach you is going to get a lot of people to ignore you and move on to your competitors. With a toll free number, long distance is a non-issue. Callers can dial your toll free number anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands without paying a penny.

4. Be Available to Take Calls 24/7

Sound a bit extreme? Well, it’s not – at least not with a virtual phone system and auto attendant backing up your toll free number. With a local number, callers might be hesitant to try and reach you outside of standard business hours. They may be afraid to disturb you or simply pessimistic about their chances of getting an answer for their call.

But with a virtual phone system working for you 24/7, callers can dial your toll free number and get connected with your pre-recorded information. You can use this greeting to answer a lot of common questions – business hours, driving directions, etc. At the very least, callers that reach you outside of your call forwarding times can leave you a voicemail message that you can return the next chance you get.

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