Using Toll Free Numbers to Build Your Brand

Toll Free Numbers for Branding

Many successful businesses define their brand by a vanity toll free number, such as 1800FLOWERS, 1800DENTIST, and 1800CONTACTS.

While vanity toll free numbers of that caliber are hard to come by, there are still ways that your small business can get more out of an 800 number when it comes to making a name for yourself. Today I outline three straightforward steps to leading with your toll free number and building your brand.

Step 1: Get a Good Great Vanity Number

This is the hardest part of this process. The key here is to find a vanity toll free number about which you can get really excited. You want brain stickiness. When customers see your vanity number, it’s going to set up camp in the back of their mind. When they have need for your type of business in the future, they’re going to remember you first and not your competitors.

Certain vanity spellings can be very hard to find or simply aren’t available any more, and the national database doesn’t allow for searches on the “800″ prefix any longer. This makes it easy to settle on the first result you find or give up if you can’t quickly find something you like. Instead, get creative and brainstorm alternative ways that a vanity spelling can describe your business. Shorten up your vanity words – go for something that is only 4 or 5 letters, and then find a match that has a couple repeating digits leading into it (e.g. 8**-555-BIKE for a bicycle repair shop).

Alternatively, go for something that’s easy to memorize by way of repeating digits or ease of dialing. Remember 1-800-CALL-ATT? Dial down the middle! All of the vanity digits were located in the center of the dialing pad to make it easy to remember. Our own number is another example, 1-800-477-1477. Strong repeating digits, and all of the digits after 1-800 are dialed down the left side of a phone keypad.

So go ahead, start searching. I’ll wait. If you’re already a FreedomVoice customer, call us at 800-477-1477 ext. 2 and we can help you search and add numbers to your account.

Step 2: Put Your Toll Free Number Everywhere

Start with the obvious places – get your new vanity toll free number up on your website, on your business cards, and on your direct response advertisements. Then go further. Do you participate in social media like Twitter, Facebook, or putting videos up on YouTube? Get your toll free number onto these channels, both in your account profiles and in your outward communication.

Move to more niche spaces. Do you get new business through Yelp or Google Local? Make sure your toll free number is updated there. Add it to the end of your email signatures for yourself and any employees. Does your business have a street-facing sign or window? Delivery or service trucks? Yep, there too. Any possible place your business can be seen, whether online, billboard, radio, tv, or print, include your toll free number. Make it an integral part of your brand, as necessary as even the name of your business or your website.

Step 3: Provide an Amazing Caller Experience

Finding a great number may be the hardest part of this process, but the award for most important goes to making your vanity toll free number something your existing and potential customers enjoy calling. It doesn’t matter how attractive and memorable your number is if you’re frustrating those who do call with an unhelpful auto attendant, long hold times, rude representatives, or voicemails that don’t get returned.

Consider having your auto attendant professionally scripted and recorded. Keep your call forwarding and call queue hold times managable. Record calls to your customer support or other departments and review them online to make sure you’re providing only the best and most helpful service. And use features like voicemail-to-text to quickly follow-up on any missed calls.

You want to enlist your customers in your advertising army. You want them to spread positive reviews of your brand and drive people to your toll free number by word-of-mouth. The only way that’s going to happen is if you provide them with a happy experience when they contact you.

Have any ideas / experience with toll free numbers and branding? Comment below!

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