How FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service Works

A toll free number and FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service are critical to the success of your business. As a small or home-based business, how your customers perceive you is crucial. If you seem too small, your potential customers are going to flock to larger, more reliable-sounding competitors. But the enterprise phone system hardware these competitors use can be too expensive for a small business.

FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service solves this problem by providing a cost-effective, hardware-free business phone solution. You get the same strong first impression as your competitors enjoy from their expensive phone systems, but at a fraction of the cost!

Your toll free number service includes a toll free number that your customers can dial from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada without having to pay long distance. This toll free number helps your small business appear on the same level as larger companies that have offices all across the nation. A toll free number also helps you take your business online, giving potential customers visiting your website an inviting, risk-free phone number to reach you.

Choose a Toll Free Number

When your customers dial your toll free number, they are greeted by a professional auto attendant recording. This greeting helps you sound like a big business and acts as a virtual receptionist, providing the caller information about your company and guiding them to the appropriate extension or department.

When a caller dials an extension from your auto attendant, you can have the caller forwarded to any set of numbers. While your caller hears hold music, we can locate you at work, at home, or on your cell phone. When you answer the phone, you can have the call announced to you first so you know it is a business call coming through from your FreedomVoice toll free number.

If you’re not available to take a forwarded call, or if you don’t wish to use call forwarding, your callers are sent to voicemail. You can then check your messages online, over the phone, or have them delivered as an audio file attachment to your email.

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