Local Virtual Phone Numbers

Local Virtual Phone Numbers

Get a local presence in any US city.

Local Number Virtual Phone Systems

In place of a toll free number, you can hand-pick a local virtual phone number for your virtual phone system in the city and state of your choice. Virtual phone numbers give your business an immediate local presence in this area, regardless of your actual location. Virtual phone numbers also require no equipment and come with a full suite of virtual phone system features, including an auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail service, and Internet fax.

The main benefit of a local virtual phone number is in helping your customers identify with and trust your business by virtue of being perceived as a local company. In many verticals where customers highly value personal relationships, such as real estate, insurance, and health care, a local number will often outperform a toll free number in making a lasting connection with your audience.

Choose a Local Number

Free Incoming Calls

One key difference between toll free numbers and local virtual phone numbers is that you do not pay for local number calls that don’t use call forwarding to send callers to you live. If a caller dials your local virtual number and listens to your auto attendant or leaves you a voicemail message, the call is free and does not count against your included calling plan minutes. If the call is connected to you with call forwarding, only the time spent connected is counted against your plan.

Plans & Pricing

Track Multiple Local Numbers

On top of providing local presence and the professional features of a virtual phone system, local virtual phone numbers also allow you to track advertising response by geography. Once a FreedomVoice customer, you can add multiple local numbers in different cities and states to your account on the same virtual phone system and use your WebLINK call reports to track the effectiveness of your direct response campaigns by seeing which areas generate the most calls and using metrics like average call time to gauge response quality.

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