Record Calls

Record and review forwarded calls.

Train Employees

Providing quality customer support or an effective sales pitch requires well-practiced communication skills. FreedomVoice lets you record calls that take place on your virtual phone system in order to help employees improve their skills and to ensure they are maintaining a professional tone.

You may choose whether to record calls for some or all of your virtual phone system extensions. When call forwarding sends a call through an extension, an automatic recording will play to inform the caller that the conversation may be recorded.

When the call is complete, an audio file with the recorded conversation is delivered to the email address of your choice. Recorded calls may also be reviewed online at any time through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel.

Adding the ability to record calls to your FreedomVoice virtual phone system is an additional $69.95 per month, plus additional rates for large volumes of data storage and transfer. Each 2GB of data storage or 20GB of data transfer beyond the first block is billed at $9.95.

Resolve Disputes

Quick dispute resolution is important for the success of any growing business. Whether a legitimate complaint or not, what takes place during a conversation may be disputed by your customers. This can pose very serious problems for your business if you do not take the necessary precautions. By archiving your business conversations through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel, you can immediately resolve disputes and protect your business.

Enhanced Professional Appearance

When a caller dials your toll free number and hears that their call may be recorded, it speaks well for your business. Not only does it show that you are concerned with the way your employees are representing your company, it also gives the impression that you are an established organization with clear policies and procedures. By showing that you take the time to monitor calls, your customers will understand that you are a reliable business that strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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