800 Numbers

The most memorable toll free prefix.

800 Numbers Mean Business

When most people think of toll free numbers, they go straight to the 8-0-0 prefix. So much so that many people interchangeably refer to toll free numbers as “800 numbers” or “1-800 numbers”. This puts a premium value on choosing an 800 number to represent your business. You can be sure that your customers easily recognize your number as toll free and that you gain greater confidence by making your business seem easy-to-reach.

Choose an 800 Number

800 numbers also carry a bit more weight than other toll free prefixes when it comes to presenting a professional image for your business. Since the 800 number prefix has been around considerably longer than the 888, 877, or 866 prefixes, your customers are more likely to associate you with other well-established businesses that have been using the same toll free number for decades.

800 Numbers + Virtual Office

We see an 800 number as just the beginning of giving the right impression to your customers. That’s why each 800 number from FreedomVoice is backed by our virtual phone systems, including an automated attendant greeting, call forwarding, custom hold music, voicemail, and more. Our goal is to help you provide your customers with a positive experience from the moment they dial your number.

Beyond helping your customers, your virtual phone system from FreedomVoice also comes equipped with a powerful web console to help you stay connected and manage your business. Our WebLINK Internet Control Panel lets you easily change your settings online, listen to messages, see detailed call reports, or add your email address to have messages automatically sent to your Inbox as audio files.

Virtual Office Features

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