Future of Toll Free

844 Numbers

Don’t wait - get your hands on a new 844 number today!

Are 844 Numbers Toll Free?

Yes. There, that was easy enough. (844) is the latest to join the ranks, becoming the 6th toll free prefix in the United States & Canada in December of 2013. On release, over 7 million new toll free numbers became available, opening up the floodgates of high quality numbers and competitive vanity spellings that have long been unavailable in other prefixes.

The last prefix to be released was (855) back in 2010 – a three year gap! That means now is the time to move to secure a great (844) number for your business. Miss your chance and it’s not likely to come around again for years. Need help finding a great vanity 844 number? Give us a call at (800) 477-1477 ext. 1 and we’ll help you take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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