Transfer Numbers

Let us host your current toll free number.

Keep Your Toll Free Number

At FreedomVoice, we understand that your existing toll free number carries a lot of weight. It’s on your ads, your business cards, and your websites. You’ve spent considerable time and effort promoting this number and changing it now to move to a new provider would set you back on time and money and put you at risk of losing contact with your customers.

Transfer a Toll Free Number

Instead, FreedomVoice would like to transfer your toll free number to our virtual phone systems. We are a certified RespOrg, an organization responsible for handling toll free numbers, and have over a decade of experience in transferring numbers to our service. We will make certain that your current toll free provider adheres to FCC regulations to expedite the transfer.

How Does a Number Transfer Work?

When transferring a toll free number to FreedomVoice, we start by issuing you a temporary number to help you get acquainted with your new virtual phone systems. At the same time, we send you a simple form to fill out and fax back that gives us permission to contact your current provider and have them release your toll free number to us.

Less reputable providers may drag their heels on losing you as a customer and can also reject your number transfer request for a handful of reasons. Even if your request is processed immediately, it may take as long as 7-10 business days for the number to be assigned to FreedomVoice.

To the right, we’ve listed a few steps that you can take to help expedite the number transfer process.

  • Call your current provider and double-check the account information they have on file. Fill out our transfer form with the same information, as any mismatch may cause them to reject your request.
  • Make sure your account with your existing provider is in good standing and that any outstanding balances are resolved. These problems can be cause for rejection.
  • Don’t cancel your service with your current provider until after your toll free number has been successfully moved to FreedomVoice. Cancelling service waives your claim to your toll free number and can cause you to lose the number permanently.

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