Vanity Numbers

Find the toll free number that fits your business.


Toll free vanity numbers are a great way to improve your business image and increase your return on advertising. To find the number that’s right for you, start with a word or phrase that you want your customers to associate with your business. If you sell bicycles, for example, the word “BIKE” at the end of your vanity number is a good start. Throw in a toll free prefix and a few more digits, and you have a great phone number that will stick with your customers long after they’ve seen your ads.

Choose a Vanity 800 Number

You don’t need to spell out a word to create a memorable vanity number. In fact, many businesses get better results with vanity numbers just by using easy patterns like repeating digits (e.g. “8585”) or sequential digits (e.g. “2345”). These numbers can make just as good of an impression on your customers as words, especially if the pattern is emphasized in a catchy jingle or called out with large fonts on billboards or magazine ads.

Vanity Number Search Tips

All toll free vanity numbers are reserved from a single national database of spare numbers known as SMS/800. FreedomVoice offers our free vanity number search tool as a way to instantly find and reserve your toll free number from the SMS/800 database and use it with our virtual phone systems. Each search will return up to ten matching numbers. If no matches are found, you’re free to refine your search and try again.

Our best advice for finding a toll free vanity number of your own is to start simple. It’s easy to get trapped into thinking you need to find a 5-, 6-, or 7-digit phrase with an available toll free prefix. The more flexible and creative you can be with your search, the better your chances of finding a vanity number that fits. Keep in mind that the 800 and 888 prefixes have been around the longest and typically have the least availability.

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