Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual Phone Systems

Enterprise phone system features
for a fraction of the cost.

What Is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system provides your business with the same features you’d get from an enterprise phone system, but without the hefty price tag. It starts with a toll free number which rings to your auto attendant, a virtual receptionist that provides your callers with information and guides them through your virtual phone system.

When your callers dial an extension, you can transfer the call to you live with call forwarding. Your callers hear hold music and can be kept in a call queue until you’re available. If your virtual phone system isn’t able to connect with you live, the caller goes to voicemail, where your messages are delivered to your email as MP3s.

Your virtual phone system also doubles as an Internet fax service – allowing you to send and receive faxes online from any computer. This is done through WebLINK, your web-based control panel where you can also check voicemail messages, change settings, run call reports, and update account information online.

Get a Virtual Phone System

Auto Attendant (Included)

When callers reach your virtual phone system, your auto attendant greeting introduces your business and directs callers to dial an extension.

Auto Attendant

Call Queue ($10.00 / Mo.)

Have your virtual phone system keep forwarded calls in a queue with hold music until a representative becomes available.

Call Queue

Voicemail Service (Included)

Your virtual phone system comes with multiple voicemail boxes that can be used for personal extensions or shared by a department.

Voicemail Service

Internet Control Panel (Included)

WebLINK allows you to manage your virtual phone system online, including checking messages, changing settings, and running call reports.


Call Forwarding (Included)

When a caller dials an extension on your virtual phone system, you can have the call sent live to a list of forwarding phone numbers.

Call Forwarding

ACD Call Routing (Included)

Set your own call forwarding rules for your virtual phone system, including basic rotation, end-weighting, and simultaneous ring.

ACD Call Routing

Internet Fax Service (Included)

Your virtual phone system doubles as an Internet fax machine, allowing you to send and receive faxes online from any computer.

Internet Fax Service

Call Screening & Blocking (Included)

You control who can reach you through your virtual phone system with several call screening options and easy-to-use call blocking.

Call Screening

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