ACD Routing

ACD Routing

Smart ways to distribute calls.

What Is ACD?

ACD, or automated call distribution, is a way to enhance your call forwarding by setting special rules that determine how calls from your virtual phone system are distributed between your forwarding numbers. This is done by setting up ring groups, collections of call forwarding numbers for people or departments within your business.

For example, if you have a team of salespeople working on commission, you may want to make sure that all forwarded calls through your sales extension are delivered live using a round-robin call rotation. This will make sure that each salesperson receives a fair number of calls and therefore has an unbiased opportunity to make a sale. Instead of starting at the top of the call forwarding number list on each new call to your sales extension, the call rotation will keep track of its dynamic position and continue looping through the ring group as more calls are forwarded.

Instead, you may have a team where some individuals are more experienced and therefore better able to handle a higher volume of calls. In this case, you can use skills-based end weighting to give these individuals more of the load. This distribution starts from the top of the number list on every forwarded call, like standard call forwarding, but gives you the opportunity to specify a grace period between calls. While in a grace period, that number will be skipped in distributing new calls.

If a one-at-a-time call rotation doesn’t fit your needs, you can also set up simultaneous ring for a call forwarding extension. This distribution will dial all numbers in the ring group at the same time. This is a good solution for individual extensions, as well. Instead of keeping the customer on hold while rolling through your cell, work, and home office phone numbers, you can ring them all at once and connect right away.

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