Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Your own virtual receptionist.

What Is an Auto Attendant?

The auto attendant on your virtual phone system is a pre-recorded message that you create to welcome your callers and act as a virtual receptionist for your business when they call your toll free number. With FreedomVoice, you can make a new auto attendant recording any time over the phone, or have the recording made offline and uploaded through WebLINK.

Here’s a basic example:     

One way you can be sure to get the most out of your auto attendant is to keep it updated with changes to your business, such as new locations, new store hours, revised schedules, or any other important news your callers should know.

Scripting Advice & Voice Talents

As the first thing your callers hear when they dial your toll free number, it’s important to script your auto attendant in a way that keeps your callers in mind by addressing their needs and helping them reach the right person or department. While there’s no limit on how long your auto attendant can be, you should use your judgment to decide whether your callers are better served by keeping it brief or by providing a lot of useful information.

Scripting and recording your first auto attendant recording can be a daunting task, so many choose to enlist the help of talented voice specialists. For a small fee, our seasoned professionals can help you craft your auto attendant to fit your business and choose the right male or female voice across a wide array of available accents, languages, and tones. All recordings are done in a professional audio production setting to ensure the highest quality.

Professional Voice Talents

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