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Call Queue

Stop missing important calls.

What Is a Call Queue?

When a caller dials your toll free number and reaches your virtual phone system, you can provide them with extension options from your auto attendant that they can dial to have the call transferred live via call forwarding. But during peak business hours, you might experience a high call volume and not be able to immediately answer every forwarded call. Rather than missing these important calls by sending the caller to your voicemail service, you can enable call queuing for just $10 per month that will keep the caller on the line listening to hold music while continuing to try your list of call forwarding numbers.

Call queues are flexible to your business needs, letting you pick and choose which of your call forwarding extensions you want to have a queue. You also get to set important features such as the call queue maximum hold time before a caller is sent on to voicemail, whether callers are told their position in the queue, and whether you hear an indicator on your live calls when another caller enters your call queue. Finally, you can view the real-time status of your call queue for any call forwarding extension online through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel.

Call Queue Etiquette

A call queue can be a powerful tool for connecting with your callers, but improper use can lead to excessive hold times and angry callers. Here are a few things to keep in mind to create the best possible caller experience when using a call queue:

  • Avoid using a call queue to supplement for lack of staffing. If you can’t reasonably keep up with your call volume, you’re just going to end up needlessly wasting your callers’ time by placing them in a call queue when they are most likely going to end up going to voicemail anyway.
  • Set a reasonable call queue maximum hold time. Depending on your business and your peak call volume, that may be anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour or more. Try to strike a balance between answering as many calls as possible and minimizing average hold time.
  • When using the “Announce Position to Callers” option, keep an eye on how deep your call queue runs during peak hours. This feature is most effective if it lets callers know they will be connected soon, and least effective if it informs a caller they are hopelessly far down in the queue.
  • When answering a call from a customer that has been waiting a long time in your call queue, be sensitive to their remaining patience and avoid unnecessarily placing the caller back on hold.
  • The longer your call queue maximum hold time, the more sensitive you should be to how many callers are going to voicemail and how quickly you’re able to return these calls.

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