Call Screening and Blocking

Call Screening and Blocking

Control who’s calling you.

Advanced Call Screening

Telemarketers and other undesired calls to your toll free number can eat up your day and slow down your business. With advanced call screening options on your virtual phone system, you can intelligently choose with whom you’d like to speak and get additional information to help you better handle the calls you answer. With each of the call screening options listed below, you are first connected with your virtual phone system and passed a bit of information. You then choose whether you want to connect the call live or send the caller to voicemail. Call screening can be set up uniquely for each call forwarding extension and can be changed any time through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel.

  • Call Announcement – This feature allows you to create an audio recording for each call forwarding extension that is announced when you pick up a call. This allows you to answer multiple extensions from a single phone while still being able to tell which extension the caller dialed.
  • Call Whisper – This feature prompts the caller to speak their name before forwarding their call. When you pick up, this name is played back to allow you to either screen the call or answer in a more friendly and personal manner by using the caller’s name.
  • Caller ID Announce – This feature plays back the caller’s phone number that is automatically captured when they dial your toll free number. This helps you to screen calls from phone numbers you recognize, or to get the caller back on the line if they get disconnected for any reason.

Blocking Payphones and Other Calls

Calls from a payphone to your toll free number are automatically assessed a mandatory surcharge by the FCC that gets paid to the payphone operator. For this reason, many businesses choose to have their virtual phone system block calls from payphones altogether. These blocked calls will not be able to connect with your auto attendant, and you will not be charged the FCC surcharge. This feature can be easily toggled on or off at any time through your WebLINK.

Outside of payphones, you may also wish to block calls to your toll free number that come from particular area codes or individual phone numbers. Your virtual phone system lets you specify the first three, six, or full ten digits of the phone numbers that you’d like to block. Callers from these numbers that dial your toll free number will be unable to connect. This feature can also be updated at any time online, with new numbers added or existing blocked numbers removed, through WebLINK.

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