Conference Calls

With FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service you can connect anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Teleconferencing

The emergence of toll free number service technology and telecommuting has caused the value of teleconferencing to skyrocket. With 24/7 teleconferencing service from FreedomVoice, you can start a conference call with whomever you want, whenever you want. This toll free number service solution can be a great asset for syncing employees, touching base with affiliates, or hosting regular customer education calls.

Your FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service can provide a dedicated toll free number that you can dial at any time to start a new conference. There’s no need to hassle with reserving a time slot or pre-registering participants - just pick up the phone and join the call using your company-specific PIN. An additional $5 monthly fee applies.

Rich audio quality and easy-to-use moderator controls guarantee a professional call flow. Moderator controls include:

  • Equalizing Volume Levels
  • Toggling On/Off Self-Mute
  • Lecture Mode (mutes others)
  • Ending the Conference

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