Internet Fax Service

Your new virtual fax machine.

Send and Receive Internet Faxes

Your virtual phone system doubles as a dedicated Internet fax service, allowing you to send and receive faxes through WebLINK. When someone sends a fax to your toll free number, your virtual phone system will automatically detect the incoming fax tones and store the document online as a PDF file. You can access these faxes through WebLINK at any time and or have them forwarded to your email or a physical fax machine.

You can send Internet faxes from any computer through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel. Faxes can be uploaded in a variety of file formats and you have the option to add a cover page. Each Internet fax can be sent to up to five numbers at a time. The caller ID for these faxes will be your FreedomVoice toll free number.

Print-to-Fax from Your Desktop

To make it even easier for you to send faxes from your FreedomVoice toll free number, we’ve created the FaxFreedom Printer Driver that you can download for free and use from your desktop. Existing customers can download and install this printer driver from the Downloads section under the Support tab in WebLINK.

To print-to-fax, simply follow the steps you’d normally use to print. When prompted to choose a printer, you will see a FaxFreedom printer driver option. When you select this option and click Print, a browser will open for you to log into your WebLINK account with the file already uploaded and ready to fax.

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