Voicemail Service

Voicemail Service

Multiple business voicemail boxes.

Business-Class Voicemail

One of the principal features of a FreedomVoice virtual phone system is easy-to-use voicemail service that will make your business sound professional and operate much more efficiently. All FreedomVoice virtual phone systems come with multiple voicemail boxes that you can use to take messages for the individuals or departments within your business.

When callers dial your toll free number and reach your auto attendant, your first task is to address the purpose of their call. Most businesses provide the caller with extension choices to reach a live person via call forwarding, but if for any reason you can’t answer or choose not to have calls forwarded live, your calls will roll over to a reliable voicemail service. You can customize each of the voicemail prompt recordings, giving you full control over how you address your callers and ask them to leave a message. By taking messages in a professional manner, you can reassure your callers that you will follow up with their missed calls as soon as you are available.

Checking Your Messages

Checking your messages is simple and can be done online from any computer using WebLINK. Through this online interface, you can review your messages, add notes, forward messages to other voicemail boxes, or by calling your toll free number and accessing your voicemail box with a secure password. You can also have your voicemail service forward your messages as an mp3 file attachment to any email address or addresses, which can be unique for each voicemail box on your virtual phone system.

If you’re a fast-moving professional, checking your voicemail online or even through email isn’t always the most efficient solution. You need a more practical way to access your voicemail service on the go, like our TalkText voicemail transcription feature. For a small fee, TalkText transcribes your voicemail into text messages and delivers them to your cell phone.

TalkText Voicemail Transcription

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