WebLINK Internet Control Panel

WebLINK Internet Control Panel

Manage your virtual phone system
from any computer.

Flexible Administration

WebLINK is an online control panel that lets you manage your virtual phone system from anywhere you have Internet access. WebLINK allows you to check your messages or make changes to your settings in real-time, offering the tools and reports you need to fit your virtual phone system to your changing business needs.

You can also create additional users for other associates or employees that use your virtual phone system, providing them with a unique, secure login to check their own voicemail box online or update their own settings. You choose whether or not these users share your administrative WebLINK priviledges, including the ability to check all voicemail boxes, update billing information, and generate call reports.

Changing Recordings & Call Forwarding

As your business grows, you will likely need to revisit your professional auto attendant greeting and other recordings on your virtual phone system from time to time. If you have these recordings done professionally offline, WebLINK allows you to upload your new greetings and hold music from audio files on your desktop. WebLINK can also trigger your virtual phone system to place a call to you that you can answer and make your new recordings directly over the phone.

WebLINK gives you the power to manage your call forwarding online in real-time. After logging into WebLINK and selecting an extension, you can enable or disable call forwarding, create automated call distributions (ACD), adjust call forwarding days and times, or create call queues to avoid missing calls.

Review Call Reports

Call reports are an extremely powerful administrative tool, and your FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service has some of the most extensive reports offered in the industry. The reporting technology was developed by FreedomVoice staff and is available to all FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service users at no extra cost.

Reports give you detailed information regarding all of your virtual toll free number service call activity and can be accessed through your WebLINK Internet Control Panel. Note that the Review Calls Report requires the additional Call Record feature that allows you to record conversations that take place on your virtual phone system.

Once logged into WebLINK, you’ll be able to create and view the following types of reports:

  • Calls Report – See all calls during a certain time or date range, including extensions dialed.
  • Mailbox Report – See all calls that went to a given extension on your virtual phone system.
  • Missed Calls Report – See all missed calls, including the caller’s phone number for follow-up.
  • Schedule Report – Easily create an optimized employee schedule based on call traffic.
  • Review Calls Report – Listen to recorded conversations on your virtual phone system.

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