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We Go Above and Beyond

"Freedom Voice is the ONLY service I would use for my phone system! The reps at Freedom Voice go above and beyond normal customer service. I wanted a custom phone system, with difficult requests, and they were able to make it happen for me - WITHOUT issue or questions! I highly recommend Freedom Voice for your company's phone system!"

-Bobby Byrne


Top-Notch Service

"FreedomVoice's customer service is fantastic. The wait time is minimal and the quality of service is top-notch. Thank you!"

-Annie H.


Efficient & Easy

"FreedomVoice is a very wonderful company that offers a great service at an affordable price. It is easy to set up and efficient. I have never had any problems whatsoever with the service or the company. They do exactly what they say they are going to do and do it very well. I have referred hundreds of people to FreedomVoice over many years."

-Al Johnson


Uncommonly Good Support

"I have multiple numbers with FreedomVoice for my business. I have dealt with both the technical, and billing support teams on a number of occasions and I have always found them to be outstanding. They are intelligible, friendly, and knowledgeable. Uncommon in today's world."

-Ryan Nelson


Can it get any better?

"The people at FreedomVoice are ALWAYS very helpful, patient and thoroughly knowledgeable when trying to resolve a problem. It doesn't get any better."

-Lyn Rockwell


First Class for Years

"I have been using FreedomVoice since the inception of the company (I am guessing 20 years or so) without EVER a problem. Customer service is second to none! I recommend them to all of my business friends."

-John Reece


The Best Part is the Price

"I have had service for a while and I have not had one issue. When I have called customer service for anything they answer immediately and are very helpful. Everyone I have spoken with has been very nice and patient. The system is very easy to use. I would recommend this service to anyone. The best part is the price you pay for this type of service."

-Jill Stacy Ripes


Great Service, No Fuss

"FreedomVoice has been a lifesaver for me. I'm constantly relocating and changing local phones or contacts, but my FreedomVoice numbers don't change and always find me. People who won't email me are happy to fax to my FreedomVoice numbers and I get faster results. The control panel is easy to work and keeps coming up with better features. And you can't beat the cost."

-Ric Goldman


A Different Kind of VoIP Vendor

"I am really impressed with the service, the professionalism and most importantly, the pre-testing and analysis that goes into each prospect review. They do not sell services unless the client is ready and will have a good experience."

-Armando D.


Always the Best

"I have been using FreedomVoice for over 14 years. Always the best customer service and helpful to any questions or concerns that I have. I have recommended FreedomVoice to many of my friends and colleagues."

-Lilia Olivo


A Trusted Partner in Business Success

"I've been very pleased with the quality and flexibility of FreedomVoice. I have several numbers, some for marketing purposes and others for day to day operations. I love that I can have the numbers routed through my landline and/or my cell phone. I'm always on the go, and FreedomVoice finds me wherever I am. I've been impressed with customer service the few times I've needed assistance. I also value the tools to allow me to analyze incoming phone traffic. I recommend FreedomVoice highly."

-Bruce Pratt


Knowledgeable, Helpful, & Efficient

"We have had FreedomVoice for several years now. Any time we have a problem we cannot solve, FreedomVoice Customer Service is there! They are always knowledgeable and helpful and very efficient. A very good customer support system."

-Kathy Donahoe


Gives Small Businesses a Professional Image

"I have used FreedomVoice for three of my businesses in the past several years. I recommend this service to any small business. All of the features are perfect for a small business, it's easy to use and it gives your business a very professional image plus the cost is incredible for what you get."

-Linda Nein


A Decade of Happiness

"For almost a decade I have been very happy with FreedomVoice. I get to look like a giant company with vanity 800 number, local numbers, extensions, voice mail and so much more for a few bucks monthly. I recommended this to other business owners that think I am pulling their leg when I tell the price. My favorite part is the immediacy of service. If I ever have an issue, question I dial, they answer. Service is fast and friendly. I own a local newspaper (The Mailbox Leader) and I use FreedomVoice exclusively. Keep up the good work."

-Craig Perry 


For Any Business, Large or Small

"Over the many years I've been a FreedomVoice customer, the service has been outstanding. I would not consider another company. For any business, small or large, FreedomVoice is where to come for service."

-Robert Williams