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Phones & Accessories

Innovative Business Media Phones

CloudPBX’s weapon of choice is the VVX series of business media phones from industry-leader Polycom.  Sporting intuitive color touch screen interfaces, on-phone apps, and built-in web browser, these tech marvels are sure to boost productivity for every member of your team.  The real clincher, though, is the unparalleled voice clarity that gives you a professional sound you simply don’t get from lesser phones.

Top Quality Desk IP Phones

Polycom’s SoundPoint IP family of phones supported by CloudPBX gives you a versatile range to fit any budget while holding to only the highest standards of call clarity.  Features include graphical LCDs, Power over Ethernet, and Polycom’s innovative Accoustic Clarity feature for crystal-clear calls.  Higher models in the line include power-user features such as color LCDs, Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB ports, headset ports, and much more.

Softphones to Stay Connected

CloudPBX integrates with the leading X-Lite and Bria softphone applications from innovator CounterPath to keep you seamlessly connected with the office from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device wherever you go.  The X-Lite app is a free, lightweight software download that gives you core functionality over Wi-Fi or broadband, while Bria is a paid application that offers a full-feature experience on most any device and connectivity.

Cut the Tether & Go Cordless

Corded phones serve their purpose, but being bound to a desk simply doesn’t work for everyone.  For this reason, CloudPBX leverages the Panasonic KX-TGP550, a small footprint IP phone base unit that supports up to six wireless handsets.  Tremendous range, call quality, and up to five hours of talk time between charges make these great grab-and-go phones for busy executives, multitasking employees, or on the warehouse floor.

Conference & Collaborate

Come together with the Polycom SoundStation IP 6000, a superior quality conference phone with 12’, 360-degree pickup, a backlit LCD, and remarkable call clarity that make it ideal for small or midsize conference rooms.  With Polycom’s Automatic Gain Control, this phone dynamically adjusts microphone sensitivity to level volume and clarity for all participants. For larger conference rooms, easily expands with additional microphones.

Recommended Routers & Accessories 

ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 4-port QoS router / firewall with RJ45 input.
ADTRAN NetVanta 3130 4-port QoS router / firewall for ADSL and ADSL2+ networks.
ADTRAN NetVanta 3448 8-port QoS router / firewall with dual RJ45 input and optional T1.
Cisco RV110W Wireless-N VPN     4-port VPN firewall with 802.11n wireless access and QoS.
SonicWALL TZ 215 5-port QoS router / firewall with RJ45 input.
Linksys SPA8000 ATA Device High quality ATA device for integrating up to 8 analog (non-IP) phones.
Jabra PRO 920 Headset Professional-grade 300' range wireless headset for desk phones.
Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone Integrated door or gate call box with push-to-call for access.
Algo 8128 SIP LED Strobe Integrated LED strobe light designed to flash when a phone is ringing.
Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter Integrated overhead loudspeaker / pager.