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Bring Your Number to FreedomVoice

We are ready to help with the transfer (port) of your existing local or toll-free telephone number to our system.

To start this process, please use the Number Transfer Forms below – also known as a Letter of Authorization (LOA) – for each of your toll-free or local numbers. 

For your convenience, these PDF forms can be completed in Adobe Acrobat Reader™. Then print and sign OR sign electronically.

  • Forms need to be filled out completely.
  • Porting forms are valid for 30 days from the date of signature.
  • If available, please also provide a copy of your bill within the past 60 days. This can help address possible rejections.

In hopes of reducing confusion (in what can sometimes be a complicated process), we’ve posted some useful information and FAQ to help.

Number Transfer (Porting) Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I initiate my number transfer (port)?

    The first step is to call your current carrier.

    This should help save you time, and avoid the small issue or inaccuracy that can result in significant delays.

    During the call, confirm all of the following:

    • Company name and service address, as listed on your account (NOTE: This may be different than the address to which your bills are sent).
    • If transferring more than one number, are the numbers listed on the same account?  If yes, one form.....   If no, separate request forms will be required for each account/number.  
    • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) for your account. This number may be different from your company’s main number.
    • Authorized signer for your account. This person will need to sign the porting forms.
    • Is your account active and in good standing?  Numbers cannot be ported from a cancelled account.  Are you under contract?   (are there options to port, if under contract?)
    • Do you have any pending orders on your account?  If yes, these could complicate your porting request.
  • How long will my number transfer take?

    Toll-Free number transfers generally complete within 3-5 days. Local Number transfers require 7-15 business days, depending on the current carrier.

    It's important to set-up your FreedomVoice system prior to submitting your transfer request. Need assistance? Our Customer Care team is happy to help!

  • Is there any down time when the port happens?

    Nope! We take the number from your current carrier and place it on our network. So you should not experience any downtime.

  • Can you port a cell phone / Skype™ / Magic Jack™ or Google Voice™ number?

    Yes, we can port all of the above!  We'll need your account number and porting request form, along with account password or PIN.

  • How will I know when my port has completed?

    We will send you a confirmation email, once your number is on our service.

  • How do I set up my Caller ID Name?

    Your main number will automatically display on all outbound calls.  If you would like your company name or an abbreviation for it -- up to 15 characters long -- to appear on outbound calls, please contact Customer Care.  We will be happy to get you set up!  (note: this service is available for local numbers.)

  • How do I set up Directory Assistance?

    To add Directory Assistance, please contact our Customer Care team.  We'll be happy to help set this up.  (Note: this service is available for local and toll free numbers, and is provided for an additional fee.)