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3 Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month

Jennifer Williams

President Barack Obama has proclaimed November 2015 as National Entrepreneurship Month.  In a statement he called upon all Americans to commemorate the month with appropriate programs and activities, and to celebrate November 17, 2015, as National Entrepreneurs' Day. 

The president wrote: “During National Entrepreneurship Month, we revisit our roots as a country of dreamers and doers, and we celebrate and support the next generation of American entrepreneurs.” 

Additionally, Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place this month from November 16-22. Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. 

As the Voice of Small Business™, FreedomVoice is so pleased to be celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month (NEM), National Entrepreneurs’ Day and Global Entrepreneurship week this November. Since 1996, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams. We believe in the power of entrepreneurs, and we further believe they deserve business solutions that help them do big things on a small budget. 

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or you have a special entrepreneur in your life, you can celebrate the many special events this November in these three ways: 

Support Local Entrepreneurs 

Make an effort to support the entrepreneurs in your community by using their services and recommending the products/services you enjoy to others. A Yelp review or Facebook post takes just five minutes to write, and it can really help another entrepreneur to get some extra business.  

You can especially make an impact by taking part in Small Business Saturday on November 28 and helping to send the message to others to spend their money at small businesses during the holiday season (and year round for that matter). 

Mentor a Fellow Entrepreneur  

If you are already an entrepreneur, find another entrepreneur that’s just starting out to mentor. Even if you think you wouldn’t have much to teach them, you may be surprised at some of the knowledge that you’ve picked up over the years that they would find valuable. You can share with them the lessons you’ve learned along your journey, and they just might be able to teach you a few things too! If all else fails, it’s always nice to have a friend who’s attempting to undertake a similar endeavor, who you can talk to for support, vent to, and bounce ideas off of. 

Be Thankful 

Last but not least, Thanksgiving is in November, so remember to be thankful! If you have your own entrepreneur mentor, thank them for their guidance and support. Give them a call of appreciation or take them out to lunch for an extra special thank you. Additionally, you should be thankful for the lessons you've learned the hard way, the challenges you've faced and overcome, and the success you've tasted on your own. Any entrepreneur can tell you that it’s a hard road to travel, but the rewards in the end are well worth it. 

How will you be celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month?