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FreedomVoice: A GoDaddy Company

Jennifer Williams



They say if the shoe fits…wear it! This month, FreedomVoice officially becomes a GoDaddy company and, for many reasons, the fit sure feels right. For one thing, both FreedomVoice and GoDaddy were created with the goal of helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed. In fact, the companies were founded within a year of each other in the late 1990’s, during a time when the rise of the Internet was paralleled by a rise in entrepreneurs needing low-cost business services.

Beyond our common history, our companies share a commitment to a customer-first culture. A customer-centric company is one that prides itself on having a deep connection with its customers and a commitment to constantly deliver value to them.

Becoming part of GoDaddy further enhances FreedomVoice’s dedication to consistently provide customers with a positive experience. In fact, the FreedomVoice business will continue as usual. And GoDaddy is building upon FreedomVoice’s technology to offer a cloud-based voice service that compliments its suite of products tailored for small businesses.

Over the years, both GoDaddy and FreedomVoice have worked to marry the power of the cloud with their products. With so many small businesses relying on mobile phones to communicate with their customers, a simple and affordable cloud-based phone system will help boost their mobile productivity and give them a more professional presence.

From caring about customers to creating killer products, the cultural and technological marriage of FreedomVoice and GoDaddy is a win for small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.