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GoDaddy Acquires FreedomVoice

Eric Thomas

When I started FreedomVoice 20 years ago, I had one goal in mind: to help small businesses succeed by giving them professional communication services that, traditionally, were only available to large enterprises.

Thanks to the talented team at FreedomVoice, our partners and, of course, our amazing customers, we’ve made incredible progress over the past two decades. During that time, we’ve helped people in every corner of the United States achieve their dreams by running their own businesses using the power of voice. 

Today, I’m very happy to announce that GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, has acquired FreedomVoice, marking the next chapter for our company and the services we offer.

The synergies between FreedomVoice and GoDaddy are numerous and powerful. GoDaddy’s mission is to shift the global economy toward small business by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. So, like FreedomVoice, they are 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs and the little shop on the corner win by delivering great products and customer care…all tailored for small businesses. Together with GoDaddy, we’ll be able to have a greater impact towards helping small businesses succeed.

What changes for our customers? Nothing. FreedomVoice products will continue to be available online and through our partners. It’s business as usual.

In the future, FreedomVoice and GoDaddy will deliver next gen cloud-based voice products that will further the vision of both companies. It’s an exciting time!

On behalf of the entire FreedomVoice family, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support.

You can read the GoDaddy press release here: