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Wrapping Up NWSB Month

Jennifer Williams

The final in our series of “Woman-Owned Businesses” profiles is Susan Bateman, owner and president of CMIT Solutions of Boulder East – Broomfield since September of 2002.

Susan started out working for IBM Global Services. Her manager had just retired, and although she did enjoy her position and responsibilities at IBM, her new manager wanted her to start travelling again. Susan’s kids were very young and she had no desire to be on the road again. So, late one sleepless February night in 2002, Susan submitted an online form to get more information about the CMIT Solutions franchise. By September, she was a franchise owner.

Susan found it was hard to find good employees at first. Over the years, she has become much better at knowing what type of person would be a good fit for her business, however. One of Susan’s first employees (hired in 2003) is still with her, and she has an amazing group of team members.

Susan has achieved many successes with her woman-owned business. She was awarded “Business of the Year” in 2009 by the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and she has earned “Franchisee of the Month” twice. Lastly, after the economy tanked, Susan was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. She proceeded to relocate her office to downsize a little bit and survived the downturn and cancer!

To other women trying to start their own businesses, Susan says: “Surround yourself with good advisors (mentors); patience and a sense of humor will get you through the hard times; get involved in your local community (e.g. volunteering, chamber of commerce); force yourself to get out and network; and be a “go giver” – figure out what others need and help them achieve it (even if it is not something you do; provide a referral) – be the “go to” person.”